Computers have actually become a very necessary part of our daily lives. Right now, we are in a digital world, and the world has become a digital world. The internet makes the world a much smaller place. Every single person I know it’s actually familiar with the computer and software. Technically, software is actually a set of programs which are required to get some tasks done by the computer. A computer is basically a brick without software. Software gives you access to information, chatting, digital markets, payment of bills, organisation, entertainment, ticket booking and more. Software helps you do so much. Without software, where would we even be right now? Software has actually played a very important role in our lives, and also it makes our lives much easier and faster as well.


I am sure you know Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google and more. They are all software applications. Where would we be without them? They are software that is appreciated in the industry for education, information, marketing, banking and all kinds of social media as well. They provide us with so much. Software plays such an essential role in our lives.

One of the foremost roles of software is actually the development of websites. A lot of websites of many different purposes. Facebook is a different purpose; Amazon search is for a different purpose; you get the picture. Each website has its own purpose, and we should thank the software developers for giving us these services.

Software is required to run software applications as well. Without software, we wouldn’t be able to build machines or robots. Both of these things are industrialised. Robots actually work really hard when it comes to building certain things. Do you really think that a human being assembled your phone, by hand?

It was obviously done by a robot. The robot was programmed to do so. How do you program a robot to do anything? With the help of software, that’s how!

Social media industry

Without software, the entertainment and social media industry would be non-existent right now. Because of software applications, we can thank the entertainment industry and social media for keeping us entertained. What do you think Netflix is? It is software!

The design of the software is also one of the most important things is that we should always appreciate. If the design isn’t good, if it is an eyesore, we always deflect away from it. If the particular design of a software is amazing, we are attracted to it. We are always attracted to nice things, and beautiful, more and more people will start using it.

Software also helps with online education. Online education has become an integral part of our lives, because of the coronavirus pandemic, even more so, nowadays.


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